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The Plan for 2011
22 December 2010
Hi folks,

It's me here .. the guy who provides this free forum, by paying $15000 / year towards the salary of a bright programmer, and his mentor (Kumar). This is because we all believe that this kind of forum would be stifled if the members had to find budget to pay their dues; no matter the oil price, there are those "bean counters" who cannot find the funds to pay subscrpitions for you, our members, to participate in one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

After 5.5 years, we have 1113 members in 211 companies, in pretty much any company in the world (that's worth knowing .. he he). We have had 642 discussions, 1028 responses .. 47,328 hits and 1867 in the past 30 days.

If you are still reading down to here, that means that you are one of the creatures in our industry who actually gives a damn .. who is fed up with all the [email protected]*& about "not enough time to share" .. "don't wanna' give way our competitive edge" .. pah .. who realises that we are all in this together.

That's why I set up this site. That's why I do my best to protect you all from people that want to join for ulterior motives (at least 2 a week) .. and why I moderate ever discussion, patrolling the 6-8 hour gap between a discussion/response being posted .. and kit hitting the forum.

This is exhilirating, but also darned-right tiring.

Please let me know personally if :
1. You think we should keep this site going
2. Any ideas to impove it
3. How me and the guys in India can make a buck or two from it.

Please email : [email protected] and [email protected]

Thankyou and all the best for Xmas and New Year, whatever your faith, culture and dog's name might be.

Dave Taylor
Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd
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Kingdom Drilling
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The discussions a few years ago were about 'a duty of care' to give back something to an industry that has provided us with so much over the last three decades. As one of the few who have in fact invested a lot of your own time, money and effort, to do this. Don't give up on us now!.

Secondly we can only continue to chip away at the stone to evolve what are often ancient well designs, certain peoples mind sets, to one day perhaps truly improve and adapt well construction and drilling processes at far reduced levels of business loss to where we desire them to be.

We can only do this by continuing to cooperate, collaborate and communicate via the likes of what SPREAD provides.

Perhaps more focus on drilling loss/waste that exists, working towards root cause and effects and educating all how to truly implement corrective actions into the future is what is needed. e.g.

A section to highlight technology, adaptive, evolved success cases i.e. more of the good that is going on, may work?

A 'Drilling junk yard' for the 'train wrecks' i.e. to highlight the bad and the ugly of the industry.

'Think out of the box' section to see what may come out of this?

Finally as SPREAD was surely never about money?, why change now?
Where if you did not have SPREAD, where would the multitude of 'buck or two' opportunities have then arisen and resulted from?. Thus supporting the importance and simplicity to simply stay on line.

Therefore keep up the good work, take a long Xmas break. Seasons greetings and come back far stronger and re-charged for 2011.


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Merry Christmas Dave,

I too like the site and benefit from the discussions. I also like the fact that the notifications come into the Inbox saving the need to log in and check what's new.

Not sure about the making money out of it or even making it sustainable but simple maths works if 642 messages/month is standard then a $2 fee per original post with free replies equates to +/-$15k/year. This would if nothing else make it sustainable and if someone is lloking for shared information then $2 is a small price to pay with free replies to the post not detering people from replying. I am not sure how you would manage this and it may involve more cost but worth considering.

Keep up the good work.
All the best for 2011
Scott Anderson
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It is a great site Dave, one reason is because it is free.

You have enough of a pool to make it interesting to the personnel agencies and companies looking for diligent personnel (like the 1100 or so people who use this site). Maybe you could include a positions vacant section and have advertisers pay for using it?

All the best for 2011

Tom Macrae
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Well done for keeping the site going. There aren't many people like you out there- this business is full of bright people who inadvertantly get caught up in the beaurocracy and bull*hit and then end up with little or no time on their hands for proper engineering, nevermind information sharing. Nonetheless you have something here and you should stick with it- there is always a reward for hard work.

Best of luck

Mark Knorz
Snr Drilling Engr
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Hi Dave,

I reckon its worth a small nominal fee now there is a significant readership. £5/month or something like that. This should provide a Christmas present for you, a wage for the Indian team and perhaps a springboard for other things.....

in meanwhile, have a great festive season and keep up the good work.
Tim Watts
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