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Launching the new SPREAD: Saturday, the 12th of March
10 March 2011
Welcome to the long-awaited upgrade to the site.

We have pleasure to announce the final date for launching of our new SPREAD as Saturday, the 12th of March.

The upgrade has been designed to make life even easier for existing members, joining members, people receiving the message through ”œEmail a Friend” option and the administrator.

● Benefits for existing members: - Far more intuitive
● Benefits for joining members: - Whilst waiting for account validation, new members may now write their contribution. This will be stored and loaded to the site once they have replied to the email that we send out to vet all new applicants.

● Commercial Feature :-

Thanks to all of our members who wrote in suggestions as to how we might fund the cost of running the site.
After careful consideration, I have rejected the temptation to charge a subscription fee since this would violate the ethos of the site. However, we have added a feature that allows members to make a voluntary contribution.

● Recruitment feature:

We are developing service to help you recruit exceptional personnel in the following disciplines:

● Drilling, completion and well-testing: office and wellsite
● Sub-surface: with the emphasis on Ops Geology
● Logistics
● Procurement
● Security

We can also provide a full Project Team either under our banner or as a ”œpackage”.

Dave Taylor

Note: This is an alert. All changes will be accessible and visible from Saturday onwards. Happy voyage!
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