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Whipstock thru 18-5/8"
11 August 2008
Does anyone have any experience or know of any operators who have
sidetracked thru 18-5/8" casing using a whipstock?

If it's your personal experience, then please can you indicate how
successful you were, or otherwise, and any lessons / best practice.

If it's second hand, then please could you point me in the right
direction to get more information ..

Cheers - Paul
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Hi Paul,

2 conducted in Uk and 25 in Norway

Source: one of the Uk's drilling services and fishing companies.

Peter Aird,
Note from moderator (Dave Taylor) : we are trying to establish who
the 2 are in the UK also as well as those in Norway other than
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Hi there,

Further to Eric Ruyter's response, and on behalf of Tore Weltzin,
please find attached a summary of
recent StatoilHydro experience.

We hope it helps and look forward to hearing of other people's

Best wishes

Harish Pillai ..
Drilling Analysis Engineer, Subsurface Support Centre,
Subsurface Technology, Drilling Technology

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We do this on a regular basis on for instance Troll (Offshore North
Sea from floaters).

xxxxxxx is our Whipstock expert, otherwise you may expect a
contribution from Tore Weltzin who is our lead drilling enginner on
Troll .. see Note

Erik Ruyter
Multilateral and Expandable Technology Group

Note from forum moderator .. rather than post people's email
addresses and names on the site we have decided to invite these
experts to join the forum. That way the discussion will remain on
the forum. The whipstock expert will return to the office on the

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Hi Jim

Thanks for such a prompt response. Perhaps after you've briefed
Paul you might be able to post a summary of your discussion for the
wider benefit of the SPREAD community.

Best wishes
Dave Taylor
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Smith Services have done a number of successful exits through 18
both here in the UK (2) and in Norway (+25) Please give me a call
xxxxxxxxxx if you wish to discuss further.

Jim Ford
Note from moderator:
We have removed the contact number since we prefer that all
communication goes via the forum so that as many people as possible
can benefit
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