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M/U doubles on the lease and P/U direct to rig-floor (doubles rig)
28 March 2017
Hi folks

At two recent DWOPs (here in Indonesia) the topic of offline M/U of equipment arose. The rigs are both doubles rigs, Loadcraft 1000 HP series (made in the US).

In addition to the use of BHA rollers (, a suggestion was made that doubles of drill-pipe could be M/U on the lease and then picked up directly to the rotary and/or racked back.

In this day-and-age, every second counts ("marginal gains") towards the Perfect Well.  So, our question is:
  1. Is anyone aware of this being done?
  2. If so, where and how?
  3. What size/weight/grade of pipe?
  4. What lessons learnt and precautions are required?
  5. Are you able to share with us: photos, procedures
Many thanks


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