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Racking Casing in Triples
08 October 2009
We are planning to rack 13.3/8”, 9.5/8” and 7” casings in the derrick in triples - on a dual activity DP rig. The stand/casing length will be between 122 ft and 135 ft.

Csg Specs:
13.3/8” 72.0 lb/ft N80 BTC
9.5/8” 47.0 lb/ft L80 Tenaris Blue
7” lb/ft 32.0 lb/ft VM95S VAM TOP

We have experience of racking back casing in doubles and triples on other rigs and we have used and identified the following lessons:

- CAM/JAM monitoring for connection make up.
- BTC and Premium connections can be racked back.
- Preparation of thread prior to make up.
- Alignment of joints prior to stabbing/make up is critical.
- Ability to floating in connection when making up is preferred - can be done without.
- Ensuring protector is tight on bottom after connection is made up.
- Wooden set back area when racking - not metal/wire.

We have seen that certain types of connections had problems when being made up in stands - SLHC thread.

We are interested in sharing lessons learnt/experience gained, and specific problems relating to:

1)Types of connections that gave problems when triples were racked.
2)Pulling casing - laid out in singles to prepare for running again or anybody racked back in triples again. What specific procedures were put in place for this - compensated?
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We have moved away from racking triples of BTC pipe as any damage or cross threading is problrematic to lay back out. If you are going to go that way make sure you have some spare couplings available.

Graham Ross
Afren plc and SPD Ltd
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