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HSE Cabin Sharing rules discriminate against women
02 December 2008
Hi folks,

As administrator, we have now been approached by two women, on
separate occasions to ask our help in tackling an HSE rule in the UK
that, whilst founded on genuine needs, has had the opposite
effect .. and is felt to be positively discriminating against women.

.. please read the most recent comment ..

Quote .. "Most of you will be aware that the HSE has decided to
start enforcing a regulation which means that men and women cannot
share a cabin offshore even if they are on opposite shifts. The
regulation has been in place for a number of years, but only
recently begun to be enforced. Indirectly it is discriminating
against women working offshore as many rigs simply do not have the
accommodation available to comply and hence request that only male
crews are sent out.

In the past I have been affected by this during a job on the Elgin -
Franklin. Absurdly I was not allowed to share a cabin with the
engineer on the opposite shift even though during shift we were on
the Franklin, a separate installation requiring a chopper journey
from the Elgin where the cabin was. Legislation gone mad again.

Please forward on to others if you see fit.

Thanks "

please click on the link below to add your name to the petition ..
and please pass on to your colleagues ..

.. apologies to the lady who raised this a few months ago ..

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