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Cut and Pull Csg Hung on Emergency Slips
12 May 2010
Platform well: Anyone had success with cutting and pulling 9-5/8" that has been hung in a mandrel hanger wellhead with the emergency slips ?

We are concerned about whether the slips will come out without wedging the pipe, getting stuck in the BOP or dropping off.

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I would love to say "take a 2-part epoxy mix and pump in thru' the test port in the wellhead, wait 24 hrs and POOH with 'glued' casing hanger" but I've never had the guts to try it !

Assuming the donor well is old you have to assume the binding wires around the slip segments are corroded. The slip segments usually bite into the casing, but not realiably. I've always ended up lifting the BOP/tree/wellhead 'D' section and picking out the segments or putting a blanket around the casing as soon as we pick up the casing out of the wellhead.

I have seen the 9-5/8" drop thru' the wellhead and stay that way for years. On that particular well the slip cage and segments were still sitting in the top of the wellhead - intact !

If you come up with something better (especially if you keep the BOP on), please post it back to the forum - would be worth knowing.

Cheers, Nigel.
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