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1.Cementing Equipment 2.Cements 3.Displacement 4.Plugback 5.Single Stage 6.Two Stage - Running & Cementing Casing & Liners
Sub group(s)
Remedial cement job: 5'' liner in 6'' hole 71 371

1.Artificial Lift 2.Completion Equipments 3.Completion Fluids 4.Horizontal / ERD wells 5.Multi-Laterals 6.Multi-phase Flow 7.Perforating 8.Safety Issues 9.Sand control 10.Tubing Stress
Sub group(s)
Zinc Bromide precipitation in H2S well. 92 297
Data Acquisition

1.Coring Methods 2.FWFD Selection 3.Look Ahead Seismic 4.Permanent Monitoring 5.Subsurface Geophysics 6.Vert. Seismic Profile 7.Well Testing and Sampling 8.Wireline Logging
Sub group(s)
Drilling Data 18 89
Drilling Fluids

1.Cementing and Zonal Isolation 2.Fluid Properties/Components 3.Formation damage 4.Selection/Design of mud 5.Solids control
Visco-Elastic Surfactant systems as Drill-in Fluids (DIFs-fluids used to drill the reservoir) 53 234
Well Control

1.Barrier Philosophy 2.Bullheading 3.Circulation Kill 4.Detection and Causes of Kicks 5.Relief Wells 6.Volumetric Kill 7.Well Bore Damage 8.Well Control Equipments 9.Well Control Methods 10.Well Integrity Issues
What do we need to know about kick tolerance but were afraid to ask? 74 382
Well Services

1.Coiled Tubing Tools 2.Rig Specification 3.Subsea Workover
Sub group(s)
Wireline fishing operation with the well still producing 14 50
Drill String Design API Regular Connection in Drill Pipe/Collars/Bits 59 332
Drilling Equipment
Sub group(s)
18 3/4" surface wellhead 57 228
Drilling Operations
Sub group(s)
BOP closed accidentally 131 705
New Technologies Acquiring data to assist with difficult cement jobs 11 31
Performance Sample Proposals to help me with my thesis 25 92
Rig Specific & Surveys Land rigs in Nigeria 24 94
DWOP Comments

comments on DWOP
Sub group(s)
Use of an activate-able scraper in a drilling or cleanout BHA 18 100
Drilling & Completion
Sub group(s)
Dual concentric water injection completions 54 246
Subsea Engineering and Systems
Sub group(s)
Challenging subsea inspections 4 24
Training and Competency

Recommended training courses. Needing advice on course on a specific topic.
X-Com Cameron/Schlumberger Cyber chair operations. 17 64
Platform maintenance issues

Safety issues. Stop/ Go cards.
Hercules Deadline Anchor 2 3

Health and safety Issues
Sub group(s)
Tank-cleaning 10 34
Drilling Software

Evaluate and comment on existing Drilling Software as to the utility, ease of use, etc. 1. Existing: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other 2. Desired: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other
T&D Analysis - Buckling 14 52
Workover workover tubing/ risers 15 62