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1.Cementing Equipment 2.Cements 3.Displacement 4.Plugback 5.Single Stage 6.Two Stage - Running & Cementing Casing & Liners
Sub group(s)
Remedial Cementing Test
Coiled Tubing Cementing 95 538
1.Artificial Lift 2.Completion Equipments 3.Completion Fluids 4.Horizontal / ERD wells 5.Multi-Laterals 6.Multi-phase Flow 7.Perforating 8.Safety Issues 9.Sand control 10.Tubing Stress
Sub group(s)
ESPs Fracc'ing Ops DST SMART Completions
searching Oil and Gas clients 116 323
Data Acquisition
1.Coring Methods 2.FWFD Selection 3.Look Ahead Seismic 4.Permanent Monitoring 5.Subsurface Geophysics 6.Vert. Seismic Profile 7.Well Testing and Sampling 8.Wireline Logging
Sub group(s)
Pipe-conveyed Coring methods
Logging for CO2 27 107
Drilling Fluids
1.Cementing and Zonal Isolation 2.Fluid Properties/Components 3.Formation damage 4.Selection/Design of mud 5.Solids control
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Well Control
1.Barrier Philosophy 2.Bullheading 3.Circulation Kill 4.Detection and Causes of Kicks 5.Relief Wells 6.Volumetric Kill 7.Well Bore Damage 8.Well Control Equipments 9.Well Control Methods 10.Well Integrity Issues
Annular preventer 89 469
Well Services
1.Coiled Tubing Tools 2.Rig Specification 3.Subsea Workover
Sub group(s)
Coiled tubing (Wellservices)
SPE certification 17 69
Drill String Design
Beam Column 72 402
Drilling Equipment
Sub group(s)
Down-hole vibration Hole-openers and under-reamers Bits and other Hole Making Tools
Pneumatic Rubber Fenders and Offshore/Subsea Foam Floats 74 260
Drilling Operations
Sub group(s)
Stuck-pipe Milling Sidetracking Hole Problems
Comparison between drive 30" conductor vs. drill & cement 30" conductor 164 827
New Technologies
Do you know MEMS gyroscope? 20 36
Definition of On-bottom/Off-bottom hours 28 104
Rig Specific & Surveys
(Temporary and/or Low Cost) Heat Shields for Jack-up working alongside Wellhead Platform 28 109
DWOP Comments
comments on DWOP
Sub group(s)
Best Practices Forum
Use of an activate-able scraper in a drilling or cleanout BHA 20 104
Drilling & Completion
Sub group(s)
Conventional Coring
Hexagon PV Elite V 25 SP1 V Software 67 281
Subsea Engineering and Systems
Sub group(s)
Subsea Wellhead Systems Mudline Suspension Systems Mudline Drilling Templates Horizontal Subsea Trees Conventional Subsea Trees Tree on Mudline Deepwater Subsea Trees Subsea Manifolds ROV/ Tree interfaces
NOV (Shaffer) Annulars 8 31
Training and Competency
Recommended training courses. Needing advice on course on a specific topic.
Free Training courses (Drilling Cost Reduction, Basic Well Control and Many More) 25 86
Platform maintenance issues
Safety issues. Stop/ Go cards.
Hercules Deadline Anchor 2 4
Health and safety Issues
Sub group(s)
Safety Training Safety Alerts DROPS COVID-19 Health Protocol
Updates on Reinstatement of Trading on TSX.V ? 12 26
Drilling Software
Evaluate and comment on existing Drilling Software as to the utility, ease of use, etc. 1. Existing: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other 2. Desired: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other
Peloton Integration to MS Power BI 17 60
Workover on1980 well not able to flow oil to surface due to damage during completion 21 86