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To discus all aspects of R/U and operating CTU. EXCLUDES Coiled Tubing Drilling.
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Coiled Tubing Reverse Clean ou... Garry Sinclair Coiled tubing (Wellservices) 02 November 2007 0
Coil Tubing modelling Mike Fraser Coiled tubing (Wellservices) 25 January 2010 2
Alternatives to conventional C... Dave Taylor - SPREAD Moderator Coiled tubing (Wellservices) 02 May 2013 2
Coiled tubing units required f... Paul Choate Coiled tubing (Wellservices) 24 November 2014 4
Coiled tubing through Expandab... Stefan 't Hart Coiled tubing (Wellservices) 31 March 2018 1
Stuck Real time Coil (RtC) tub... Allan Brands Coiled tubing (Wellservices) 25 August 2019 0