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Coiled tubing through Expandable Sand Screens
22 March 2018
Are there any experiences out there with running Coiled tubing through Expandable Sand Screens on a horizontal well?
Main concern we have is causing damage to the weave and induce sand production.

We are planning for a CT clean up with wash pills and HCL, followed by a N2 lift and subsequent MPLT job. 
We will modify the centralizers of the PLT tools with wider blades so that they don't fall in to the slots of the base pipe.
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Have not run coiled tubing through them myself but have tractored through them with wireline tools with no damage incurred many times over. In my humble opinion if the necessary precautions are taken, ie standing off your CT bha, your risk is minimal. When the screens are expanded what is the size of the gap?
I am sure you are aware there are also wireline applications which could have the same affect granted you wouldnt be able to perform any large circulations. Have you thought about those options if they are options? Welltec, Aker Solutions, Blue Spark Energy all come to mind.
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