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Stuck Real time Coil (RtC) tubing string.
22 August 2019

I am looking into phase 1 abandonment of a well that currently has 3600 m of 2" coiled tubing stuck at the reservoir within 4.5" x 5.5" completion. The CT is parted at 450 m MDbrt and to complicate matters further has 0.125" real time coil (RtC) wire within the CT string.

Has anyone had any success in gaining wireline access within a parted CT string (which has internal RtC wire) using 2 7/8" DP/tubing conduit for example? The ideal solution is to obtain deep wireline access to cut the CT and RtC wire simplifying recovery, however all feedback to date suggest internal access is near impossible due to the presence of the RtC wire.

Failing internal access, a long process of through tubing fishing with 2 7/8" DP will be required. Any experience of fishing CT and RtC wire would be appreciated.

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