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Avoiding man-riding for Surface Test Trees
19 July 2007
.. on behalf of TOTAL UK ..
In a drive to eliminate man-riding associated with Surface Test
Trees (STT), we'd like to hear from anyone who has managed to
overcome this challenge .. installing Coflexip at drillfloor level
(bend is too much / unmanageable) vs at height .. rigging up
slickline (without resorting to Coiled-Tubing Lift Frame).

Maybe a work platform ?

If you have beat this one, please provide as much detail as possible.

Many thanks

Dave Taylor
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Marathon Oil
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We managed to install a co-flex hose on the rig floor prior lifting
the SFT into the vertical position. The connection at the tree,
however, was not fully made up, to allow a little bit of roatation
of the hose relative to the SFT. The co-flex was additionally
secured whilst lifting.

This will not eliminate man-riding, since someone still needs to
make up the connection properly once installed, as well as uncoil
hydraulic control lines and feed these down, but it reduces the
effort up there considerably.

Whether or not this is feasible on a particular rig, needs to be
assessed and the routing of the co-flex needs to be looked into. We
managed to do this on an old rig, with a small V-door and a tight
rig floor, so I reckon, it should be feasible elsewhere, too.
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Manriders have been an area of concern for a long time & I have
previously looked at a small knuckle boom work basket to solve it.
However, my clients have always opted for the manriding winch.

I still believe a small KB basket is the best solution. It is very
manoeuverable, & puts the control always in the hands of the person
in the basket (except for emergency lowering). They are easy to
install, relatively inexpensive, & can be used for other maintenance

There is a company in Falkirk called Outreach plc, who has been
supplying KB pipe handlers to the oilfield for many years, & offers
a wide range of products meeting these needs. I don't have a number
but the person to ask for is Derek Payne. Even if you don't end up
going this route it would be worth your while, I believe, to take
advantage of his experience to balance your judgement.

Hope this is of some help.

Best regards,

Eddie Clark.

PS: The contact number from Outreach plc website is 1324 889 000.
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Several years go Cromar did some design & engineering work for a
hydraulically actuated wireline lubricator valve that would eliminate
the need for manriding during slickline ops on STT's. I don't think
it got beyond detailed design but it would be worth speaking to Colin
Black at Cromar to see what the status is.

Craig D
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On our current campaign in the Deepsea Bergen (Odfjell Drilling) we
connect the coflex hose and the kill hose on the rig floor to the
SFT (Expro). The coflex hose clamp is typically not fully made up,
as to allow some rotational movement. The coflexip hose is therefore
secured with an additional securing wire to the SFT frame.
The hydraulic hoses to control the SFT are also made up on the
rigfloor and bundled as to minimize the chances to get these
This will help to reduce man-riding, but not avoid it completely.

All wireline work still requires man-riding. In our case, the
length, weight, and weight distribution of the SFT assembly prevents
any wireline items to be pre-made up on the rig floor. We also
perceive it easier to stab BOPs and lubricators in the vertical
position. We us a wireline offset sub with an air driven winch in
the top drive to facilitate this.
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