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Wireline Platform for Floater
07 October 2008
I'm wondering if someone has got a practical design or ideas for a
little wireline platform to be used on a floater, or could point me
towards a vendor with a standard design.

We use a 7" landing string, that crosses over to a side-entry sub
with an OTIS wireline connection and then to the wireline BOPs, (see
also attached sketch). The whole lot is approx 6m (18ft) above rig
floor level.
It should provide the wireline crew with safe footing whilst
inserting toolstrings and stabbing the BOP. It should also be
reasonably easy, and safe to put up and take down.

Many thanks,
Stefan Seyfried
Completion Engineer
Marathon Petroleum Company (Norway)

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Hess Corporation
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I have worked with some very good, light weight (aluminium)
platforms built directly onto bop's that fold down after being
stabbed onto the landing string. The only thing here is that if you
are using long bails, they could obstruct the platform from dropping
down into position. But this may not help you as you want the
platform below the BOP's

You could use a similar idea for below the BOP's and have the clamp
and platform prefitted on deck. Pick-up the landing string, land out
and then fold down the platforms for the boys to rig up with. This
would save trying to do it against the heave off of riding belts and
un-compensated tugger lines.

I have no drawings for this but it would be easy enough to design.
Basic clamp with two half moon platforms either side that fold down
and butt up against eachother for support to create a circular
platform to work off of. Material would be aluminium with plastic
insert grating to keep the weigh down.
This wouldn't effect handling the joint as the platform would be
below the elevators and high enough that it wouldn't hit the deck on
high tide.

Some food for thought.


John Keresztesi.
Hess Completion Coordinator
Equatorial Guinea
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