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Recompletion/workover in Openhole carbonate formation
16 January 2017

Good day everyone ,

Need advise from all expert here....

We are planning to do workover/recompletion on several existing wells in Q2 2017. The original wells were completed in 8-1/2" ( some in 6-1/8") in openhole Barefoot horizontal. These are oil wells with carbonate formation. From beggining until now production shows high water cut ratio. From Image and logs, it is strongly suspected coming from several natural fractures that connect to water aquifer beneath.  

The strategy for workover is to recomplete the well and equipped the lower completion with combination of mechanical and swell  OH packer to isolate /segmented the fractures and use ICD to get uniform flow distribution. The issues are majority of OH condition are overgauge and oval between 9 to 11 inches diameter. These were obtained from Caliper logs that was ran on 2011, before completed the well. So the OH condition now possibly could be worse.

Can anyone share the experiences /give us feedbacks on following :

1.     Is there any Thru tubing Caliper tools available on the market that can run inside 4-1/2 or 3-1/2” tubing and still able to caliper Openhole size 8-1/2” and 6-1/8” ?

2.      How effective to use mechanical and swellable OH packers with expansion range up to 9-11 inches ? Is there any best practices,lesson learnt or  other alternative techniques that  can be shared ?



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Hi Dana,
I think 11" would be stretching it a bit for a swellable, depending on what OD you feel comfortable running in the hole. A mechanical 5.5" ZoneGuard HE max expansion is 11.5" but they may not work in an oval hole as well as a swellable.
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