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NACE Test A application
01 May 2017
Dear All!
If the casing grade has passed NACE MR0175 Test A does it mean that it is fully sour service or it fits only the test condition (H2S pressure = 1 bar)? If we have partial pressure for H2S is about 20 bar do we need certify the casing for that pressure?

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Hello Askhat,

Ref. to SSC (Sulphide Stress Cracking) qualification, you have provided very limited info. both on the qualification and the intended application.

Refer Table B.1 MR 0175 wherein qualification validity includes several parameters like applied stresses, environment, H2S partial pressure, in-situ pH and temperature.

Further, check carefully the material qualification in place is appropriate for the intended application.

Best Regards, Sandeep

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Askhat Burlibayev

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