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Stiff String
25 May 2017
I want to calculate possibibility to set a packer at 5635m mechanically with 34 to on a tubing string in cased hole (tapered 4 1/2'' liner and 7''casing)- well is horizontal 700m and KO at 4500m, some DLSs of 4deg/30m in the vertical part above.
When I perform the calculation in Landmark WellPlan with soft string the neutral point moves above surface - so I need 30to blockweight to achieve. Apart from that lockup is calculated. 
With stiff string neutral point is at 2200m and helical buckling shown.  
There is as well buckling limit factor in Wellplan (I use 1.0)  I have used  more than 10 years Baker Hughes Advantage and matched results from calculated to actual for sliding without applying a fetch factor. - because the algorithm for buckling is weak when i comes to vertical inclination I fetched the first survey station at KO from vertical from zero to 1.5deg inclination - which gives me matching actual vs calculated. 
For the packer in cased hole with tubing I am not sure what to apply - soft or stiff for a tubing string with tapered 4 1/2 '' - 2 7/8'' tubing string.

thanks in advance

Peter-Joern Palten 
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Our true stiff-string model (not pseudo or hybrid) with full post buckling calculation enables to simulate "properly" the mechanical behaviour of any string, such as Tubing String. 10 years of research with lab and field data to validate the model.
Contact me or Loic Brillaud ([email protected]), as we could run your case in our software to really see the stress and buckling situation downhole. XLS export from Landmark should be sufficient for us to run the model.

Stephane Menand
DrillScan, Houston
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