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Casing specifications
16 October 2009

Is there a free document/paper that describes the different grades of tubing and casing (J-55, L-80, P-110, etc.).

I am interested in metallurgy, yield/ultimate stress, strain at fracture, hardness.

"API SPEC 5CT" appears to be the standard but is this info freely available somewhere?

Mike Fraser
Performance Mgr c/o Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd
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Also I think the red book can help you if you will mind having it write to me at this email its free [email protected]

Nkwentamo Alaric
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Hi Mike

Yes there is. If you're registered at you can go to the online Drilling Manual via the Oracles page. In the manual menu, click the book icon for chapter 7 Casing, then Engineering, then Casing Design then Casing Grade Selection.

Also on the Oracles page is an online Mathcad worksheet. This calculates all the figures in tables 1 and 4 of API 5C2 and also calculates for internal pressure, temperature, design factor. See the two worksheets for API Casing Strengths, top of the list.

Cheers, Steve.
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API Spec 5CT (ISO 11960) would be the best general reference. OCTG Performance properties are tabled in API Bull 5C2.
However, normally the mills will manufacture their OCTG to a specific in-house Manufacturing and Inspection Plan that may give more specific detail on metalergy of the particular steel grade they issue.
For a general high level overview, the major casing mills publish some good general catalogue data - normally the mills are very happy to supply such information.

Grant Lintern
Drilling Engr
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