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Drilling Simulation and Optimization Softwares
23 October 2010
I need softwares for drilling simulation and optimization analyses. I will appreciate suggestions, especially based on direct experience of using such softwares. Independent softwares are prefered, as I know of the available softwares from the top services companies.

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I do strongly recommend TechDrill International´s DSP-One (Drill Soft Pack - 1)

Contact Patrick Daget [email protected]
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Hi - I'm looking for a recommendation for drilling engineering software (direction, torque & drag, casing design, cementing, plug setting, etc.). I'm an independent so I'm not looking for the $10,000+ solution. Must be able to operate in SI units (meters, kPa,kg/m3, etc). Any suggestions based on personal experience. Thanks
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We (Red Stone Drilling) have created a strategic alliance with Warrior Technologies to provide probabilistic cost / time and risk management software, UnRiskIT.

Please visit for additional information.
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We (DrillScan) provides some softwares and services regarding Drilling Optimization. Independant softwares based on a strong theoretical background of Mines ParisTech.
Please visit and for more information.

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