Performance loss and waste metrics

At the recent Best Practices Forum on Tuesday 17th January on "Flat
Spot Reduction" it was discussed how to identify the opportunities
early enough to take advantage of them. For example how to identify,
measure and evaluate a well performance effectively?

The following information was provided by Peter Aird from Maersk Oil
on the day:

File one illustrates summarising a well from the daily reporting
system's by sub dividing the well into designated phases that have a
clearly defined start and end time applied. File two illustrates the
simple process applied in order to identify, measure and evaluate
phase performance/loss/waste aspects and applying three simple
formulae to derive the ultimate efficiency/ effectiveness of the
well results as drilled.

1. Total well time = Productive time + Significant loss
2. Productive time = Operational loss + Operational waste +
Technical limit.
3. Well efficiency can be evaluated = Technical limit / Total well
or TL =
TWT - SL + OL + OW

From the example files provided it can be viewed that this well
example (i.e. A 2005 'North Sea 'dry hole Exploration well', i.e.
one with low reportable loss indeed (e.g. 6.5hrs eqpt, and 22hrs
waiting on weather). Was in fact evaluated when based on truly
representative data with a Well efficiency of only = 53% (Or where
47% of the time taken was in fact identified as lost/wasted.)

A typical well can be reviewed in 3-4hrs using this process. The
format allows the assessor much more flexibility to recognise and
analyse performance/ loss / waste aspects in order to identify the
efficiency and effectiveness of operations conducted. This format in
my opinion being viewed more valuable than electronic reporting
system can provide, where they are limited by the quality of data
input and the lack of metrics applied or that can be measure in the
first place? Using this simple format data can thus be more readily
modified, adapted to suit the assessor's needs.

If anyone wants further information on this please contact me.


Peter Aird, CEng.
Senior Drilling Specialist,
Maersk North Sea UK Ltd.

Is there any industry views on how performance and loss is measured
within organisations?
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