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Offline testing of safety valves
24 August 2006
Our client team would like to test safety valves offline. We are
aware that several products are available on the market - valve test
stands and the like.

Does anyone have recent experience of using these and can you
recommend a supplier / design ?
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On a jack up in Brunei they use a a test stump made by Grand Prideco.
If you need some more details just contact them in Singpore,

Also another suggestion from a Semi working in Africa: There is a
1502 Weco in the choke manifold and / or cement manifold on most
rigs. Hook up a chiksan to the pump in sub for drill pipe, connect
up all your safety valves in line and test one by one. You can use
the cement unit or the BOP test pump if equipped. Don't forget to
secure with chain and put the grey valve on top. I recommend testing
the grey first and when the pressure is bled off on test, close the
next valve before opening the one that has just been tested - keeps
air out and makes the testing not take as long and better looking

I have also used the Nu-tec test stump. We rigged ours in semi-
permanent and it has a teflon seal so chain tong tight is enough to
make it usable on rigs without iron roughnecks.

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Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.
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All rigs have a circulating sub that fits their drill pipe,
therefore their safety valve, (Kelly cock) and safety valve (grey
type.)......All rigs should have high pressure, air operated, pumps
on their Koomey unit.(BOP closing unit.)

1. Make up circulating sub, with Weco connection on top, to bottom
of Kelly cock, with grey valve screwed into top of Kelly cock.

2.Make up a bull plug with 1/2" npt thread to the Weco connection on
the circulating sub.

3. Take high pressure hose from Koomey pumps to 1/2" NPT thread.

4. Fill assembly with water.

5. With Kelly cock open and Grey valve in closed position, pump and
test to 3000 psi. This tests the grey valve and the body seals in
the Kelly cock.

6. Bleed off.

7. Insert the grey valve opening rod, holding grey valve open, close
Kelly cock.

8. Pressure test Kelly cock to 3000 psi, observe for leaks at the
grey valve.

9. Bleed off. Safety valves tested.
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We used the Nu-tool testing stand in combination with a BOP test
pump for this on Scott platform. The comapny is based in Inverurie
Scotland. Another option is to chain down the TIW/Grey valves and
attach a 1502 x NC 50 sub and test making the stand obsolete to
requirements. Requires a good high pressure portable pump which you
may have to rent as many rigs no longer carry test pumps.

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