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30 in conductor protection of Mud Line Suspension
21 January 2016

Hi all,

We try to compare between GE vs FMC 30" conductor protection for mud line suspension suspended well.  GE/Vetco provides the protection with their DMR connection protection, the protection cap is the DMR pin run in to the DMR box.  While FMC is only cap can and run to protect the casing out of the casing collar.

Any one could share for this matter, and also the experience of running the cap, ROV and others?


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We ran quite some Vetco "Trash Cap" before. The top of the tool has a J-slot for running tool to connect to the cap. Bottom of the cap has a DMR pin connection. Thus one can run the tool down to the top of the 30" conductor which has a DMR box looking up. Latch on to it. Then un-Jay  from the tool and come out of the hole. 
ROV will be required to assist in stabbing the DMR connector and ensure it is latch properly before releasing from the running tool. 
Only precaution is the Cap can un-Jay from the running the tool when it start entering the water due to flotation and wave. 
I am sorry I cannot give you a proper description on the FMC Cap due to not much experience in this tool. 

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