MLS Wash-ports: To open or not, that is the question

We are planning  a series of wells that would likely require use of a Mud-Line Suspension (MLS) system.
Water depth is 50 - 100 feet.
Casing scheme will be: 20", 13⅜", 9⅝",(liner),  tubing hanger.
We will be cementing the 20" and 13⅜" to surface.
We are trying to determine the pros and cons of whether we should open the wash-ports after each cement job to flush the annulus and remove any potential cement debris.
We'd be interested in members experience (rather than opinions) in this respect, and in particular the following:
1.    Do you open the wash-ports and flush after cementing?
2.    If not, why not? and how do you assure no debris/cement?
3.    If you do, have you ever had problems closing them again? and  how did you overcome that?
4.    What the contingency plan can be done in case ports cannot be opened or closed or the seal elastomers worn out and ports not holding internal testing pressure.
5.    What other issues have you encountered with either choosing not to open the wash-ports or choosing to open them.
Many thanks
Abdulmohsen Al-Marzouqi
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