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Gyro Through Tubing & Open Hole
13 June 2017
I need an opinion if the following situation is possible
We have a well with 1366 m MD TD, with 7" Liner shoe at 1315 m MD, and then 6" open hole to TD. The end of 4-1/2" tubing is 1213 m MD. Angle at 1224 m MD is 9 deg.
Now, the task is to perform Gyro till TD without removing the completion i.e. the gyro will pass through the tubing [ min id = 2.66"] , then go into 7" casing [ min id = 6.184 "], then in 6" hole.
If is possible to conduct such a gyro job? is there any effect on the gyro readings if the tool hangs on the low side?
Please share your comments if you feel this is technically possible
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Max Temp = 170 F
Max DLS= 2.5

  • Yes the 6" hole section was drilled blind
  • We need gyro to co-relate TVD since it is ambiguous if the TVD required was achieved or not
  • C-C is more than 600 m
    EOU was not checked using any wireline surveys
We have asked Gyro data but they have refused citing that the tool will pass through the tubing but would have no centralization in open hole and that might cause it to get stuck.

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Gyrodata Gyro drift OD is 2" - no problem to pass through - maximum inclination of 9 deg inclination is fine to run down to TD with wireline or slickline. What is your maximum temperature ? What is the maximum DLS ? 

Do you drill blind ? In case yes wHy do you need the Gyro afterwards - what are the C-C distance between ellipses to the closest wells.  Did you check EOUs for the last open hole Wireline log  surveys ?  In case you perform a QC check on the WL survey =>  Filter stations every 30m and delete stations where logs overlap with unreasonable high DLS this should work out w/o spending extra money on the Gyro measurement. 

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