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Keeping People off Casing
18 May 2009
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or initiatives going on keeping people off casing on offshore drilling rigs.

Doug Hodson
BHP Billiton, Aus
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Drilling Engineer
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@Gary Thomson - I would like to take a copy of those onshore procedures you are willing to share. eudofia[email protected]

Drilling Engineer
Chevron Corporation
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We [at BHPB in Australia] are considering the following as a plan:

On the rig:

Drop pipe on deck in bundles
Only handle at time to run
Keep a bay next to the catwalk free
Drop each bunde into the bay
Remove slings [bundle contained by sampson posts]
Lift joint out with crane and on to catwalk

This will require:
Confidence in onshore maesuring and marking
Drifting in bundles or not at all offshore

Its brave and could be time consuming, we'll have to see if we are up for it

On the boat:

Additional long sling to pass to the side of stack of tubulars so that crewmen do not need to stand on the tubulars

Look forward to more input, thanks for everything we have so far:

Doug Hodson
Sales Manager
Hunting PLC
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We at Hunting laser tally, and drift casing as part of our standard procedures. We also routinely carry out onshore preparation for many of our customers, this saves time and handling when the pipe gets offshore.

If anybody would like a copy of our onshore preparation procedure, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gary Thomson
Sales Manager
Drilling Mgr
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The idea is good, but practically you have to wonder if it can be fully accomplished. Pertaining to drift we just had pipe inspected, drifted and preslung for shipment offshore. We drifted it again offshore and 2 of 200 jts failed. Of note, the drift was steel and very cumbersome to handle. Aluminum or teflon is preferred.

Craig Castille
Drilling Mgr, ENI Brazil
UK Drilling Mgr
Lundin Petroleum
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From the messages posted on this I draw the following conclusions:
- keeping people of stacks of tubulars is a significant HSE improvement
- onshore preparation and tally is a significant step forward
- QA/QC procedures associated with this are essential
- Attitudes and behavious are as much a part of the solution as are the technical elements e.g. I always did drift and strap offshore, therefore I always will.....

I would be interested to hear from those who have been routinely preparing onshore on their experiences in terms of damage incurred during shipping, any special shipping procedures used to limit damage (racks well understood for smaller pipe), any special actions taken to convince offshore staff that bthe system works, and lastly any c*** ups that have occured as a consequence of onshore prep which we can learn from. It would be great if somebody with detailed procedures which they have worked with for some time would be prepared to post them??

This would be a great addition to the Step Change Best Practice Guide for Handling Tubulars!

Simon Richards
Well Mgr, Lundin UK
Completion Engineering Manager
Maersk Oil
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Maersk have been sending pre-drifted, laser tallied tubing and casing offshore for around two years with no problems. The threads are coated with Clear Run on the beach. Offshore it is a case of remove protectors and run.

Steve Futter
Maersk UK
Hess Corporation
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Hi Doug

have you considered using laser measurement devices instead of strapping casing

Frank Allen
Hess Indonesia
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I think it's a great idea to have the tubulars drifted in town, stop collars can be installed in town as well, but would create confusion in laying out the tubulars in correct order.
One thing that proved very beneficial was to have the pipe in bundles and pre slung. The deck crew only needs to put the eyes in the hook of the block, especially in rough seas.

Karl Eiriksson
Drilling Engineer
Chevron Corporation
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Thanks Dave,

I think we are fairly well sorted out on preparation in town. We have an aspiration to keep people off casing. The things we plan to try are:

1. Longer slings for the bundles [keeps people off casing on boats]
2. Not laying the casing out but simply working with the bundles in one posted bay next to the cat walk. Its ambitious and complicated but heads us towards not having people walk on casing

Doug Hodson
Managing Director (
Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.
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Hi Doug

At the DWOPs (Drill well on paper) that we facilitate for many drilling teams, and from the work that our performance coaches do on the rigs and/or in town, we come across a variety of measures that people are using.

First and foremost, they are getting the tubulars prepared in town .. drifted, tallied, centralisers pre-installed, running compound applied.
I would refer you to the ongoing discussion on that nature.

Secondly, some companies have rules that prohibit casing being racked higher than 2 metres (or so) so that people do not need to climb on it.

I would be happy to share some of the procedures used for this with you.

Best wishes

Dave Taylor
Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd
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