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5 7/8" dp .. VAM EIS and VAM Express
10 October 2009
My colleagues are looking at potential 5 7/8" drillpipe threads for purchase on a new rig.

We are seriously considering VAM EIS and VAM Express.

We don't have much experience in the utilization of these connections.

Please could members provide any information/feed back about it?


Craig Castille
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ENI, Brazil
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Without going into a lot of whys and wherefores, Vam EIS is the route to go. It uses an API thread form and is interchangeable with the equivalent API connection size (though, for practical reasons, that's an 'advantage' that'll never be taken up), so your repair options should be greater than with Express.

As background information, we have used the 5 1/2" equivalent, and performed pretty much exactly to spec.

Our biggest 'problem' with the connections was with the inspectors, who tend to qualify any used product as needing repair.

James Drouin
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VAM Drilling connections were selected by BP for their 15km ERD Liberty development. I understand that they went through an involved selection process. I bought a string of Tenaris ST58 5.7/8" DP for a demanding ERD project, which was fine, although there aren't many strings of this about. What hard-banding are you going for and will you be able to re-apply without redoing your internal coating?


Iain Hutchison
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