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Inflow test (dry test)
14 May 2010
Does anybody dry test after running liner 7" or 5" or whatever, cement them inpace and pressure test?
Is it still reasonable to do?
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On what basis should you calculate the differential pressure between the well and the annulus when doing an in-flow test? or is it a given value?
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Certain operators here in the UK do carry out "in-flow" or negative tests during the clean-up or displacement phase with the clean-up string. This can be done by means of a weight set packer tool (e.g. MI-Swaco's Well Commissioner .. or equivalent), displacing the string with a pre-determined volume of base oil or lighter fluid, then setting the packer to cary out the test before unsetting and reversing the fluid out and carrying on with the clean-up.

Ron Evett
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Note from moderator : A major benefit of the Well Commissioner is that it can be run as part of the "full bifta" cleanout string (bits, mills, scrapers, circ sub). This best-practice features highly at the DWOPs and CWOPs that we facilitate all over the world.

It is a perfect example of how operational effciency and enhanced safety go hand-in-hand.

Dave Taylor
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