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"Green Dope"
18 June 2010
What are other operators using in the way of environmentally friendly tubing/casing dopes (green dope) or are they continuing to use API Modified dope under dispensation?

We run Clear Run on our completion tubulars but are looking at alternatives to API Mod. for our scab liner/casing dope requirements.

We've just used Seal-Guard ECF on our last workover and expierenced make-up issues with this product.

Looking to use Bestolife 4010NM on the next well to see how that product performs.

Interested to here if others have used Seal-Guard ECF or BESTOLIFE 4010NM and what their experiences were with either of these products.

Gary Stirton
CNR International
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Gary Stirton

Platform Completions Team Lead

CNR International

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