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Recover a Brown Liner Hanger
22 June 2011
I'm looking at the requirement to recover a Brown Liner Hanger. It was installed in 1987 at a depth of 1503ft (MD & TVD)which was hydraulically set. A Baker seal bore at 1512ft (MD & TVD) and a Baker flow convertor at 1475ft (MD & TVD) are set above & below the hanger. There is a dual string of 4 1/2" (12.6lb) & 2 7/8" (6.4lb) tubing stabbed inside the above assembly. I think the Brown Liner Hanger is now part of BakerHughes.
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I suspect the style and condition of this old liner hanger may make it difficult to simply spear and pull with the potential for hanging up and getting stuck in an area that subsequently makes it difficult to fish and perhaps more importantly in an area that causes damage to the well and renders it un-useable for subsequent operations. I would recommend consulting a reputable fishing tools company, and cutting and pulling from above the hanger and potentially milling or washing over the hanger so that it does not have to be pulled as a unit with the slips and other parts still able to snag.
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I like to add that the age of installation of the Brown Liner Hanger may imply an earlier design where a casing pup joint was used as a base onto which cones were welded.

The quality control of the roundness of the construction and the weldments may imply distortion of the outer casing. This may indicate not only extra difficulty in retrieving the liner hanger but also the need to test the outer casing for pressure integrity.
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Yes, indeed Brown was taken over by Baker.

As said before, it should be possible to retrieve the hydraulic liner hanger with a straight pull. I would insist with Baker to provide an ex-EDECO service hand to ensure an experienced fellow to do such a job,

If the casing - in which the liner hanger is set - has premium or semi-premium threads, the job should be straightforward, provided the pull is slow and jerking is avoided.

If, however, the casing is API threaded, extreme care should be taken passing through the thread "J" slot area - i.e. the space between two pins - which can play havoc with the slips.
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You are correct that the Brown Oil Tools business now falls under Baker. I am sure they will be able to give you advice. A lot will depend on whether there was a packer installed with the hanger system. In 1987 there were a couple of models used - the CPH integral packer was pretty new and not used on more than about 40% of liner jobs, mostly by BP, Britoil, Conoco. Some companies like Shell would often run a JM packer as a separate trip tieback packer run into the liner top. Many companies ran no packer at all which if you are lucky, will be what you have in your well and should pull relatively easily ( not necessarily in one piece). Good luck,
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Hi Mark,

Yes, Brown were taken over by Baker at some point in the late 80's I believe.

Brown had a couple of different types of hydraulic set liner hangers, but presuming it's not cemented in place and you can cut the pipe below it, you should be able to spear into the pipe below the Hanger and just physically pull it up the hole as they didn't have hold down slips.

The hanger will effectively unset itself - you may have trouble with the slips dragging, depending upon their condtition and you will need to be careful coming up through the Wellhead / BOP Stack in case a slip segment falls sideways and gets jammed.

Best Regards

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