13 Cr Tubing Punch

Hi all

We are planning to have some de-completion workover type in Ujung Pangkah, Indonesia. The tubing we have is a 13 Chrome for H2S & CO2 corrosive environment, size 3"" (ID 2.992").

We had tried to punch the tubing with Halliburton Perforating Torch System(PTS)with gun size 1.11/16" which recommended for 3"" tubing and we used charge size 1.9/16", 2.5 gram. PTS were fired but no holes at the punch depth, we did repeated one more time and still no holes created (we were unable to established communication with the annulus when we circulate down to tubing).

Now we are about to mobilize charge size 1.9/16" but with a bigger powder 2.6 gram. My question is, do you have any experience for using this type of tubing puncher and their chances for success? Or maybe you have another recommended tools to be used for 13 Cr tubing?

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