Well Control Equipment & Practices for infrequent wireline / slickline activities

Spread Group,
Enhancing premium wireline coring (continuous) surface & DH pressure / well control equipment, best practices & procedures; I'm currently seeking any contacts or discussion that could assist in providing or guiding me to information sources on other activities that could face similar operational challenges (e.g. any combination of: no float / circulation sub in BHA, static pipe in open hole, surface pressure control requirements).

Some relatively similar systems / activities that I can think of:
 - Casing while Drilling - retrievable BHA (on wireline or drill pipe)
 - Thru Bit Drilling / Logging Technology
 - Directional Survey's
 - Running Slotted Liner without Inner String
 - Wireline Charge - Drill Pipe connection back-off operations
 - Through drill pipe wireline retrieval of sources / drop ball / fish

I've had a pretty thorough review of obvious practices / equipment like:
 - trip back into shoe
 - LKV / Lubricator etc
 - some review of specialist rotation / circulation / reciprocation systems that allow use of wire in drill pipe.

Working to solidly satisfy the likes of NORSOK D-010 & other anticipated API / IADC updates to barrier & procedural requirements.
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