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Rigless Xmas Tree Installation
19 August 2014
I am looking for operators who are installing (or removing)Xmas Trees offshore without a rig being present. We have a scenario where a frac tree is installed on the completion/wellhead prior to the rig leaving, the perforating and frac work being performed, two barriers installed in the tubing, the frac tree being removed and the Xmas Tree being installed, then the barriers being removed through the tree. Any thoughts on the suitability of this approach would be appreciated.
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Morning Steve, I did recognize the name, but you never know.. To answer on the chain block or other, yes, it allows much greater control and less potential for things to go wrong. I had thought to mention the slinging but presumed that you or your contractor had already thought of that but if not, you would be better with a set of slings designed to impart a vertical lift, however some people just use a certified lifting cap off the top of the tree. Given the ltd time that your Frac tree will have been installed, I doubt if you see any binding or overpull but as Maged in another post mentioned, older production trees sometimes need 'assistance' to break the bind.  Ali B
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Steve, cranes are designed to lift free loads, x-mass trees mostly needs force to free that will cause a snapping shot for crane boom that is very high safety concern, you need to free the tree first using hudraulic jacks then lift with crane boom, there is also technology called Thinjack that can be installed between flanges to free tree first, using lifting frame with chainhoist is much safer subject to your offshore facilility space and integrity, good luck
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Thanks for that Ali, pleased you are still gainfully employed.
Did you mean hanging a chain hoist or similar and weight indicator off the crane hook. That would give good control for sure, rather than rely on the crane driver. What about a bespoke set of lifting slings for the trees to lift them absolutely vertically?
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as a safety procedures you must secure wellhead  before you install X-mass tree again , there a standard procedure to run one way check valve by using of pressure lubricator to bleed any pressure to zero psi , and then rig down frac. tree and install x-mass tree, then retrieve the the check valve. job done.
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Steve, strikes me as a fairly standard operation as long as you have a platform crane which is rated for the lift at the radius it'll be working from. You may also want to consider hanging a lifting device off the crane hook to give you better control over the actual lift. We also add a load indicator to prevent overload in the event your lift gets snagged. You'll probably want to consider shutting in adjacent wells for the duration of the lifts. Hope this helps..
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