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Fishing 9-5/8" Casing - Use of NOV Agitator
23 June 2018
Lectori Salutem,
At present we are performing a slot recovery on a wellhead platform. This involves cutting and retrieving 9-5/8" casing. We are experiencing some challenges recovering the casing string and have been advised that incorporating the NOV Agitator in the fishing string enhances the change of success of recovering the casing. The question is, has anyone subscribing to the forum, have experience using the NOV Agitator in a (casing) fishing operation?
Many thanks in advance.
Harald Benning
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Drilling Engineer
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We try it once using agitator to catch fish and ended with another fish with Agitator installed..
PT Saka Energi Indonesia
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Hi, We have been using NOV Agitator, when recovering 13-3/8" Casing and gonna reentty the slot.At that time we suspected, that casing was hardly hold by swelling clay. Thanks.
Edward Kerr
Asia Pacific BDM
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Hi Harald & discussion group,

Have you perhaps considered the use of a Downhole Power Tool (DHPT)? This tool is an industry standard technique in the North Sea with over 700 runs and we are in the process of building scale to support the global market. The DHPT acts like a ‘Sub-Surface Casing Jack’ applying up to 1,400,000lbs of Pull Force directly above the Top of Casing with a 3ft stroke to jack free Casing (stuck by formation collapse barite fall out, other settled solids or partial cement) until the hook load is reduced to a point where the rig can take over and pull to surface. This eliminates the need for Jarring and limits loading of the Rig (also suitable for Rigless Applications) and mitigates the concern of friction losses of the workstring which can be significant in deep and deviated wells. Our latest offering is the Titan System which combines the force of DHPT with repeat and prescriptive cutting capability (Cut-Jack-Pull-Repeat) to allow for pulling the Casing in shorter sections ‘guaranteeing casing on deck’ which can save days when compared with milling with lower operational risk and no swarf handling concerns. I have attached some supporting material and please feel free to visit our website at or contact me at 

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Fraser Well Management
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I have not used the NOV agitator for recovering casing but I have reviewed the use of the TIW casing pulling tool (CPT) for similar situations where casing recovering is difficult.

It may be worth your while investigating this technology and its availability in your area.

Fishing Supervisor
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I've only seen this tool work where there was some movement in the sticking mechanism, on a microscopical scale, available to exploit; sanded in screens, lock ring stuck in wellhead, top hole boulders for example. Tried it couple times with barited in casing, no joy.
fishing tool consultant
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  While I have never used the Agitator, I have used other vibration tools and have some success with sand stuck casing strings.

  There are also other technologies such as Ardyne that have been successful in such operations.
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