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Shearing pipe and shear ram capability
07 July 2018

A resource suggestion for

Most SPREAD members will be aware that Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd. operates this website, and they also own and operate

We sometimes get technical questions and suggestions submitted at and rather than just replying privately, we'll start to post some of them here at SPREAD. We'll only post relevant content that would qualify as having mass appeal, or community benefits. hosts a range of free to use resources such as the ever-popular Mathcad drillers worksheets.

We received the following suggestion:

Shearing pipe and shear ram capability is a popular theme since Macondo.  A spreadsheet to calculate shear values of different size, grades of drill pipe would be a useful tool.

Does anyone have a spreadsheet like this? Would you be willing to have us publish it on to help the industry as a whole?

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