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smallest conductor size ever run worldwide
09 July 2018
Hi experts,

Is anyone ever perform a study or execute small conductor size? What is the smallest size has been run worldwide? i.e. 13-3/8" as conductor.. 

Thank you.
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I believe we need more ammunition from your side. Is it a platform drilling? If so is it exposed to the sea? Then how many lateral supports do you offer?

For some reason, I thought of my own experience with the North Sea Fulmar Field described in paper OTC 4513 tieback requirements for Early Production Systems(1983)

On the original project 13 3/8" was the selected conductor size, on earlier revisions we did opt for 16" as the characteristics of the 13 3/8
were not enough to act as corrosion barrier, to provide guidance, to tolerate misaligment even to reach the mudline wellhead in use.

Of course this was a particular application... Hence the need for more background to elicit sharp responses.

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