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CRA Tubing
01 August 2018
Hi everyone,
It is spent a lot of effort to protect a CRA tubing from factory door to rig derrick V-door. How the metal to metal contact issue is addressed to, once tubing is below RT?  
Thank you all for support
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How the iron contamination is addressed to while in hole, and in contact with casing? As I said it is clear instructed to avoid metal to metal contact on handling CRA tubing but when in hole nothing will prevent such contact between tubing string and casing string.

Thank you

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I'm thinking that a short reasoning could be that while at surface, the CRA's passive layer damage coupled with Fe contamination + Oxygen in the air could affect its performance. Down-hole, in production, the oxygen level typically drops. (not considering injection/stimulation etc.)

Additionally, localized hardening could be a topic to look-out for, as the hardness levels are relevant. 
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