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Any impact when running intelligent traces with a liner-to-be-cemented?
25 January 2019
Dear all

At a recent CWOP, the groups were discussing the use of intelligent tracers (e.g. Resman) with cemented liners.

The 5½" liner is a mechanical release so it won't be rotated whilst being run, but it is preferred to rotate it during the cement job.

The tracers are installed on the outside of the base-pipe and shrouded.

We would like to hear anyones experiences with the use of this technology, such as whether you rotated the pipe during the cement job etc

Many thanks

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We ran Resman tracers on a cemented 7" liner set inside 8.5" hole as part of a smart completion earlier last year.
The liner had to be worked in hole across multiple restrictions and was also rotated during the cement job. We had chosen to use bonded centralisers on the liner and tracer joints to ease the trip in hole.
As far as I am aware, at start up tracer was seen from each of the zones in question indicating that everything had worked as expected.

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