Who is still using NTU as a cleanliness indicator (and why)?

Dear colleagues

At a recent TWOP (Test Well on Paper) that we facilitated, the discussion got 'round to the measures of cleanliness in an Exploration well that is not going to be gravel-packed.

We were discussing NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) and how relevant they are as opposed to solids content, especially in our case.

For sure, it can take a lot of circulation (and filtration!) to achieve notional NTU values that may have just have been pulled out of the book without understanding the 
reason/consequences. Would solids content not be a more meaningful/relevant measure in this case?

It would be wonderful if at least twenty (20) of our members could contribute to this discussion on:
  • NTU vs. solids content?
  • Any war stories from choosing one over the other, bearing in mind that cow's milk would likely fail an NTU test


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