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25 February 2019
Hello every one

On our gas wells we have drill string vibration problems while drilling 17 1/2 inch section. The NOV company suggests us to use their tool V-Stab (special undergauge stabilizer) to reduce vibration. Does anybody use it before? How effective is that?

Thank you for answar
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Thank you for the answer. 

We have axial type of vibrations during drilling.

Also, we had failure in this section on a couple of wells in the field. We are considering that it's excited by formation layering with are common on that depth. We use polymer drilling mud (WBM).
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Hello Yev,

Unfortunately I do not have experience using the V-Stab. NOV reported on the benefits of using the tool with RSS (SPE 149696) by reducing backward whirl (lateral vibration damage) which appeared to help in their field test (Cotton Valley formation - Louisiana, onshore USA)... which may or may not help you due to those differences.

That being said, do you have any more information about:
  1. What kind of vibrations are you seeing (X-Y, Z, torsional)? 
  2.  Are you only seeing that kind of vibration when drilling through a certain formation?
  3. What kind of mud are you using? 
If you had a particular pattern of bit damage or MWD tool failure, that would also be helpful to understand which vibration is limiting you in the 17 1/2" hole section. 

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