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What type of fluid should be lined up to the Poor Boy Degasser while drilling?
19 April 2019
Dear colleagues,
We are worrying about well control safety on our HTHP wells.

The drilling rig had been constructed by Bentec (2000 HP). So, could someone clarify should be poor boy linned up with any fluid while drilling? If so, should it be current drilling mud or water? How often the fluid must be changed (refreshed)?

We'll use oil-based mud with density 1930 kg/m3.

Thank you.
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Hello Yvhenii;
As for line up; It should be as the company procedure.
- The mud in the Poor boy should be the same as in the well, the water could be forgotten and may contaminate the OBM.
- You are using a density mud,then pay attention to the barite settling, think about a valve for flushing in case of MGS line plugged.
- As Mr sas proposed it would be a good practice to flush every tour.
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Flush the MGS every 12 hours (every tour). Best time is when you do slow circulating rates. With high mud weights it is important to flush regularly to ensure that barite settling is avoided and you want to make sure that the same mud is in the MGS as is being used for drilling. 

If there is a chance that the U tube would freeze in the winter addition of glycol in the system may help.
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 Usually we left the fluid you were going to drill with, except if it was water based in winter then we used a glycol water mix to avoid feezing.

  With the fluid density and oil base fluid that you are using the weight material would more than likely settle out causing other problems..... 
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