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Coiled Tubing / Insert Gaslift String
30 May 2019
Dear all,
We are having well integrity issue of some wells with only single barrier (A-annulus; B and C communication) so would like to install CT or insert string inside 4-1/2" tubing 12.6# for gaslifting then would like to have your advice / support on the project feasibility, draft cost estimation.
Going through the SPE Paper I found 2:
1. SPE 38536 - Deployment of a coiled tubing gas-lift completion and subsequent recovery of reserves from a marginal BP forties well
2. SPE 50585 - Cost effectiveness and flexibility through the Brent gaslift insert string completion.
General information of our well is as below:
1. 20" x 13-3/8" x 9-5/8" casing
2. Tubing 4-1/2" 12.6# L-80 NV with TRSSV at 275m
3. Deviation about 45 deg at PRD packer.
4. BM reservoir with total lost while drilling with sea water.
5. Sweet fluid, no CO2, no H2S, no debris.
6. Current injection depth of 1800m (should be the max insert string depth as well), 2MMscfpd, 1000blpd.
7. Intend to design with 1 unloading and 1 orifice should be the best.
8. Annular subsurface safety valve is recommended at 250m.

Could you please share your recent project the same and contact point of any company could provide the equipment / installation service?

Your support is highly appreciated.
Best regards,

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If you are referring to eccentric CT gas lift ( so-called inverted gas lift) there are many service providers to help you, I am aware of Weatherford system, while it save the hassle of having to workover the well ( replacement of the completion string) it presents some potential difficulties for future workover. 
Good luck 

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