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25 June 2019
Hello all!

I am a new drilling supervisor. 

I was wondering if anyone could tell me why during casing scraping procedure the bit nozzles are usually removed. what purpose does this serve?
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I would only run nozzles large if the bit was ton to be rerun. 
As others said you want max flow rate at some point in ur scraper run so no nozzles give u lowest pressure drop at bit. Ease of spotting clean up pills. Least pressure on pumps keeps drilling contractor happy. Lol. 
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Correct..Faster circulating rates and in case you want to spot/displace, there are no restrictions
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  Lamech, I believe if you would ask your self why a bit has nozzles in the 1rst place you can answer your own question.

  Nozzles are for jetting velocity which is not usually required in the case of a scraper run.

  Nozzles may be run but why waste the diesel fuel pumping at higher, not required pressures?

  I hope this answers your question.

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