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Hydraulic Control Panels
29 June 2019
Lack of an adequate supply line is making us consider performing slick line ops over the top of a Tree for a gas well, without a 3-function "Elmar" Hydraulic Control Panel.

So we could open the TRSCSSSV with a hand-pump........lock-open the Actuator of the UMV with a Cap after pressuring with a single Haskel Pump. Leave the Haskel on the PWV to open to bleed-off as required.

Compared to an industry standard Hydraulic Control Panel this is sub-standard practice.

Undoubtedly it increases risk it completely against any set of rules/ regulations?

NORSOK does not appear to stipulate for Control Panels and therefore there does not appear to be any legal impediment to "carry-on regardless"?

Any thoughts??

Thanks. Ian.

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Ian im interested to see if you got any feedback on this?

Its something ive seen done in various locations by well head companies doing WIT and SIT work, especially where the safety valve itself had not been functioned for a significant period of time and due to zoning rules at the wellhead for instance a hand pump was all they could use without shutting in a facility.

However not something ive seen or considered being done when the objective it to run wire in the hole.

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