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26 3/4" 3K Annular BOP
30 June 2019

Dear all,

We are looking for 26 3/4” 3K Annular BOP.

The current 26 ¾” BOP annular rating we have is 1000psi – What we need is 3000psi

We will be running 24" casing @MASP +/-2900PSI.

Can you suggest if anyone has manufactured it so far,  we have approximately @ 8-10months of time as of now.

Appreciate your help,  

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Hi Miaody,

Pl note: We need 263/4" Annular BOP OR 30" annular BOP - rating is 3000psi - Time line is @ 1.5years. in Kuwait.

But we need the confirmation immediately as further planning can be done accordingly.  

If this is readily available in China. CNOOC Well Control Centre.

Please let me know at the earliest at  Email

Cell No 965-66051924




Abel Engineering
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I have just completed an audit of WOM in Houston, Tx and can endorse them as a quality provider of BOPE.Contacts are

Anthony Onorato

Cc Fernando Tello, Aaron Bishop

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Clyde Drilling
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You could try Claxton, of UK, they do have some for rent.

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We used a 26-3/4" BOP drilling an exploration well in Kurdistan in 2009. We rented this from Cansco in UAE.

Best regards,
Harald Benning
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China National Offshore Oil Corporation
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Dear Hari;
when you need the 26-3/4" 3000Psi BOP? and where you want to use, i can find in China. CNOOC Well Control Center.
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Check with Cameron, NOV Or GE they have the size in the desired pressure rating,
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