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Continuous capillary injection surfactant selection/testing
29 July 2019

We have some depleted gas condensate wells that are starting to get close to critical rate and suffering from liquid loading issues.

We have recently undertaken various simulations on options to extend production life.
Workover and recompletion is not commerically viable, and results of CT velocity string simulations were less than encouraging given limited life expectancy vs installation cost and complexity.

We are now moving towards foam assist lift via capillary injection as a more viable medium term solution, and have various Cap string installation options under evaluation currently.

Where I am struggling however is with the identification of suitable chemical vendors with proven Cap string surfactant experience in the region.

We are looking for companies that have the capability to undertake comprehensive testing and selection process and understand the particular issues that we face (offshore, hot, deep, high CO2, mix of water and condensate to lift etc etc) and how to replicate these in testing/selection process and also support during field testing/optimisation. 

Anyone got any experience with companies here in the UAE/middle east that have requisite experience and may be able to support?

Thanks in advance!

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 yes off course the Multichem may help you out in this particular regard,  but i am also not sure what specific experience they may have in UAE/Middle East as most of the CT providers has have the experience with Multichem in Capillary tubing systems and foam surfactants in Europe, US and Canada.

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Thanks George, I'm already in contact with HES here in UAE discussing options, but appreciate the pointer.. 
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Alistair, Multichem maybe able to help you in this regard, not sure what specific experiance they may have in UAE/Middle East, but certainly there is experiance with Multichem and various CT providers in Capillary tubing systems and foam surfactants in Europe and the US. Please let me know if you need contact details etc
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