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Running Completion through Plastic Gilsonite Zones
04 August 2019
Hi All,

First time poster

Wondering if anyone has experience with sneaking completions past layers of plastic Gilsonite. 

Recently we had difficulty running a 4-1/2" lower completion (max OD 5.5") in 6" hole. 
Prior to running the completion a clean out trip was run, all sticky zones were reamed until pipe passed freely.  This was in a fractured limestone reservoir - The hole was full of produced crude. Static BHT 81° C.  We attempted to wash away the Gilsonite with crude, and resorted to high slack off weight (and overpulls) to pass the zone. 

It was suggested to me that pumping "cold" (40° C) crude from our tank farm would cause the gilsonite to harden.

It was also suggested that a diesel pill would dissolve the gilsonite easily, however we were not rigged up for that at the time.

Just looking to hear generally anyones experience with plastic gilsonite and things you have tried which worked (or didnt work)

Thank you

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Geoff, if you can pump through your completion while running it suggest you investigate a Deep Casing Tools “Turborunner” which will allow you to ream to TD by pumping only not having to rotate the whole string.Good luck. Be sure to tell us how you get in on regardless. 
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