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Dopeless connection
30 October 2019
Anyone who have run any one of Tenaris Dopeless connections, please help me out. I was told by a tubular running services company that a Dopeless connection which gets "wet" with water (rain, snow, condensation, HP washer or whatever) could give you a bad torque-turn chart like a "shark's fin". Have anyone encountered this symptom before?  
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It's just about impossible to make up connections in the North Sea in a completely "dry" condition. Having checked with our TRS group they say that they have done testing of dopeless connection when they are wet and it make no difference to the make up properties. "Shark fin" graphs are caused by over torqueing the connections, not by anything else.
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We have used 20" Quick Seal Blue without any issues so far.
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There is a August 2009 post named Dope-less Connections under New Technologies discussion forum that might help you find an answer.


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