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Kill Well for Workover (Multi-Lateral)
27 May 2020
Dear professionals,

Does anyone have experience in temporarily killing the well of the highly-deviated gas-producing branch hole for the workover purpose?

We are planning the multi-lateral well to be completed with TAML level-2 and the branch hole has nearly 500m (1600ft) of the highly-deviated (70-80 degree) gas-bearing reservoir section (EMW 0.6~1.0 sg). For the future workover, we need to kill the hole temporarily, through the SSD (Sliding side door) installed near the junction at 4500m (15000ft) on the 3-1/2" single tubing string.
Our major concern with this way is that it would take a lot of time (or not possible) to kill the hole due to some relatively permeable area in the reservoir section which results in the lower gas replacement efficiency.

It’s highly appreciated if you could share your experiences and comments.

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A consideration could be for you to displace a supporting type fluid such as KMAX (Halliburton product) into the lateral leg and then kill your motherbore with a fluid that would kill the gas leg (without entering it)
I would not use HEC as difficult to predict time, whereas the KMAX needs minimal acid contact to dissolve.
Other consideration would be to totally displace your gas leg with kill fluid and then pump a bridging agent, however my concern would be removing that agent effectively after workover

Hope this helps you at least thinking out of the box
Gota Yasutake
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Sorry, I revised the well schematic.
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