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Closed-end conductor shoe
29 June 2020
Does anybody has experience (good or bad) driving closed-end conductor shoes?

What are the chances that this will effectively help us reducing the overall friction and allow driving the conductor deeper?

Any lessons learned that can be shared on this topic?
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I did use such a technique back in 1964, North of Angola, while building supports for military bridges.

Such a technical feat used conductors with welded on end plates.

The hammer drove the blows inside the conductor, over 3 ft of sand to protect the end plate from being expelled. The 3` of sand redistributed the force of the bloes to the last 3 ft of conductor.

Simple and effective!

xxxxxx Later on already in the oil business, I got acquainted with vibration technology which enticed me even more - Resotek, for instances.

From the window of my Shell office in The Hague I saw most of the buildings, erected over piles driven by vibration, which apparently was also no noisy - deal for populated areas.

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Hi Claudio,

All Reynaldo's points are very good. Indeed, analyse the soil condition carefully. If this is for offshore NL, be careful, quite often it is required to drill and drive as resistance hang up points are common, requiring drill and driving sequences of open end conductors. Also, surprise conductor shoe angles after driving are bothersome.

For driving closed end conductor to work one must be fairly confident of driving in continuous settled whale crap and seagull feathers.

Franks has tons of experience with conductor driving operations there. They should be your first stop for their experienced opinion on closed end conductor driving. They will have a large data base of seabed cores as well.

Good luck,

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Hi Claudio,
While working with BP in Azerbaijan (2004-2008), we drove several closed ended conductors, with outstanding results. The LL that I can mention are as follows:
0) Analyse carefully the soil condition for driving option with closed ended conductor shoes
1) Get a provider with good experience
2) Conductor shoe preparation (ie. welding to a joint) must be planned and done in advance
4) Plan in advance how to survey the conductor position while driving.  It would be good to modify the conductor shoe inside to have  a baffle to receive a Gyro device
5) Have a good and flexible slot allocation, when driving several conductors at the time. There could be some changes in the paths followed by the conductors, which would make to adjust the slot allocation.
6) Plan is advance how to mill out the closed ended conductors

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Reynaldo Vargas

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Claudio, in the 2000’s I supplied numerous closed ended Drillable conductor driving shoes to BP in Azerbaijan. These were used with great success significantly reducing the overall driving friction and increasing the drive depth. If you are seeking a supplier with experience of manufacturing and supplying these please reach out to me. 
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