Titus systems ?

My recollection of Titus systems?. 

Oliver Thomlins maybe be able to back me up on this evidence based recantation . 

In late 80’s we had 11 semis drilling and cementing conductors. No top up systems used Or required. Not once in 80+ wells and conductors drilled / cemented. 

The Ben Verackie then had a problem on a well where in short a Y shaped cavern resulted at the seabed and during drilling with SSBOP well had to be abandoned. And respudded. 

Following this,  for some reasons  rationale that dumbfounded many? Titus top up systems were then  introduced throughout the fleet, despite the evidence of 11 rigs and 80+ exploration wells not needing top ups.! 

Titus was instituted by the operator on every well thereafter. 

Eg All wells WOS Then drilled with a Titus systems, why? 

We challenged this many times but lost our evidence based case! 

No one In power wanted to do the right thing! 

Because people simply prefer to accept this is the way it is Now done vs rationalise EVIDENCE to challenge the process to discover a safer more effective and efficient best way?. On a case by case basis. Sometimes a top up may be genuinely needed! 

Note. One major problem of  top up cementations that can evidently shall result ate significant problems issues when abandoning wells. 

Eg On first Falkland well in 1998 we lost 4 days trying to cut and pull a wellhead And car park of cement off the seabed. 

We reviewed why we had failed and needed a top up on Thr 1st well and fixed the problem. ( we underestimated sea bed conditions and did not apply best practices needed) 

 On all other wells, the use of better drilling practices. NO further top up cement jobs were required and all wells were far more easily cut and pulled on time and budget,

Other top up cementing, Titus  systems evident BASED case history sharing welcomed. 

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