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VAM Thread Tolerances
22 September 2020
Hello everyone,

Knowing beforehand that, in the best of my knowledge, the patent rights for this thread type are "public" since a long while ago:

Does anyone know anything about the Vallourec (spec?) ST-D453.02 or where to get more information about it? It relates to the specific dimensions of the VAM thread, for which i need more information as part of a personal research project. The tolerances of it interest me the most.

The only things i know about it are the specific thread height dimensions (available in some threading insert brochures), and the TPI value (6 TPI instead of the "classic" API 5TPI) compared to the API BTC.

Hints of any kind are more than welcome!

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Dear Oscar

Anoop has confirmed that the document that he has attached (to reply No. 2) was in the public domain, so I've attached it on his behalf.

In fact, he had gone to the effort to extract the exact page from a 122 page document.

So, in attaching the original document, I'd like to thank Anoop for his efforts.

Kind regards

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VAM thread document - removed from SPREAD.pdf
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Hello Marcel,

As i might be putting myself in unnecessary trouble i already found a solution to my inquiry; i went back to the "good olĀ“ Buttress design.

Regards and thanks,

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Hello Anoop,

Thanks for the advice!

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Pl see the attached document file, whether it suffice your requirement.

Good luck



Note from moderator:  I have removed the document, based on earlier responses that not all drawings are public.  I'm in touch with Anoop to check that we are not breaching any copyright.  

We can't stop individuals sharing one-to-one, but I must ask you all to be 100% clear that you have permission to publish anything on this site.
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Hi Oscar,

All drawings of Vallourec connections are not public.

They have these available through VAM services for licensees (machine shops with VAM threading license).

Perhaps you can contact VAM through their vamservices website, click the Mr. Help button. Try and ask some details but do not expect too much, they will probably not share the connection geometry. 

Good luck.

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